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Finds malware. Destroys malware. Doesn’t apologize.

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After running a security scan with BitDefender (MalwareBytes didn't detect anything, I guess the mac version is just not advanced), I found out I had malware. I got lucky and it was only a cryptocurrency miner (xmrig), but I still had to reinstall macOS. I'm pretty sure is safe, but I'm going to hold off until I get further.,MD5:456aef6f3d5f3d361ac2db,free virus scan is a free online scan service, utilizing various anti-virus programs to diagnose. Download Malwarebytes for free and secure your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Malwarebytes protects you against malware, ransomware, malicious websites, and other advanced online threats that have made traditional antivirus obsolete and ineffective.

You’ve been infected. Well, not you, but your computer has. It’s slow. It’s acting funny. You need a no-nonsense malware cleaner to get your computer back up to speed. We have just the thing.

You can download HitmanPro in two seconds (unless you still have dial-up internet). It’s only 10MB. Plus, you don’t have to install it – just run it after it’s downloaded.

A standard antivirus program misses stuff. It’s focused on finding malware signatures that virus firms have identified as malicious. But what about new, zero-day threats that haven’t been researched? That’s why HitmanPro looks at behaviors when scanning for trojans and other malware. Bad behavior is caught, with or without a malware signature.

Two heads are better than one. So we have four. HitmanPro leverages malware databases from four security labs, including SophosLabs, to be incredibly thorough when scanning for and cleaning up spyware and malware. More research means more powerful cleaning.

Malware piggybacks on various programs to gain access to your computer. HitmanPro removes that malware – and it doesn’t stop there. Damaged Windows resources are brought back to their safe, original versions.

Resilient malware can also affect critical system files and boot records to manipulate the Windows operating system and installed antivirus software. This is even before the operating system boots. HitmanPro can remove these persistent threats from within the running operating system and its boot records.

Unlike free programs, HitmanPro doesn’t sell your information or install unwanted apps, tool bars, or advertising programs. We just provide secure, easy malware removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to uninstall any security software before using HitmanPro?

No. HitmanPro can be used all by itself or alongside another security product.

Where is the best place to get technical details about the product?

If you would like to see how the product works in depth, check out our release pages. You'll find technical updates written by the HitmanPro development engineers.

Just head to our HitmanPro support pages to find the answers you seek.

Appnee Malwarebytes

Currently, HitmanPro is a Windows PC-only product. However, if you need to protect Mac computers, we would highly recommend Sophos Home, created by our parent company Sophos.

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This report can help you determine if is a legit website.

Last updated 1 year ago.

Potentially Safe

The site has a good online reputation.

Read the report below

Check trusworthiness on WOT (Web of Trust):

This site has a good (74/100) trustworthiness score.

Web of Trust is a web service used by millions of Internet users to rank the safety of websites.

I would personally not trust a website that has a low trustworthiness on WOT.

You can find the following links useful to improve WOT reputation:

Check if is classified as malware on Safe Browsing:

This site is not currently listed as suspicious.

Google Safe Browsing is a service created by Google Inc. to identify malicious websites.

If the site is detected by Safe Browsing I would personally not visit it.

Check through multiple third-party security services.

This should help you to better identify scam, phishing and malware websites.

If the site is detected by at least one engine it may be a threat.

Avira Not FoundRead more
Badbitcoin Not FoundRead more
BitDefender Not FoundRead more
Spam404 Not FoundRead more
SpamhausDBL Not FoundRead more
SURBL Not FoundRead more
ThreatLog Not FoundRead more

Check domain with our database of 'scam' words:

No suspicious words found in the domain name.

A legit shopping website should not use a branded name (i.e. rayban) in the domain name.

Only the original manufacturer (i.e. RayBan) should use its brand name in the domain name.

This option should help identify potentially fake online shopping sites.

Check if uses a valid HTTPS secure connection:


This site uses an HTTPS secure connection.

Issued FromCloudFlare, Inc.
Valid ToOctober 9, 2020, 2:00 pm

An HTTPS secure (encrypted) connection is recommended for online shops and e-commerce websites.

So when you submit sensitive information they are securely transmitted over HTTPS.

I would never enter my credit card details in a non-HTTPS website.

Check if is popular among Internet users:

This site has a very good online popularity. is ranked #64,665 among millions of websites according to Alexa rank.

An Alexa rank higher than 0 and less than 500,000 means the site has a good amount of traffic.

The more Alexa rank is low (but > 0) the more the website is popular.

Check when domain name was first registered:

The domain name was registered 9 years ago.

A domain created less than 3 months ago is considered new and thus potentially suspicious.

Appnee Adobe Zii

We may not have enough details to judge a website created only a few months ago.

Pay attention if you plan to buy goods from a 'young' e-commerce website.

Check if the domain name has a commonly abused TLD:

The domain name has a commonly used TLD.

I would not buy goods from a domain that ends with .XYZ or .CLUB or .TOP.

We check the domain extension (TLD) to see if it is related to commonly abused TLDs.

Apnee Malwarebytes Reviews

Many scam websites have domains that end with uncommon and cheap TLDs.

This additional check should help you make the right choice.

Apnee Malwarebytes Free

IP Address104.18.36.185
Hosting ProviderCloudFlare
Country(US) United States

Before buy something from a new site:

Appnee Bios

  • 1) Check if the site has a 'contact us' web page
  • 2) Avoid online shops that use free email providers (i.e hotmail, gmail)
  • 3) Check if the site shows info about its company (name, address, country)
  • 4) Check if the site has an 'about us' or 'company' web page
  • 5) Check if the site has a valid VAT or Partita IVA number (EU only)
  • 6) Don't be fooled by low prices, if it looks too good to be true, pay attention
  • 7) Check if the site has a social profile (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • 8) Try to always first contact the website owner via email
  • 9) Analyze the domain WHOIS data to find info about the site owner
  • 10) Look for possible English (or other language) grammar errors
  • 11) Do not pay via credit-card, use PayPal instead (easier to get refunds)
  • 12) Verify that the website is certified by McAfee SECURE
  • 13) Never enter sensitive information on non-HTTPS pages

Please write useful comments by including proofs:

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