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  1. Use your current Amazon Music platform as a source and start to transfer playlists music with FreeYourMusic. Select Spotify as a destination Select Spotify as a platform where you want to create a new playlist. All you need to do is just one button click!
  2. Spotify is the only company of the three that provides regular updates to its subscriber numbers. This is largely because music is its primary business, which is not the case with Amazon or Apple.

Spotify really comes in handy if you want to play a specific playlist you created on Spotify, or if there’s a song that Prime Music doesn’t have. You’ll need to connect your Spotify account to your Amazon Echo, but it’s really easy to do and takes just a couple of minutes.

It’s not easy for most users to choose one. Music lovers create playlists and download music on the music streaming apps and it becomes quite a hefty task if the app messes up the playlists. Also there are factors like collection, price, and interface to make the ultimate decision. In this guide, we have compared Spotify and Amazon Music to help you take the decision in 2021. Let’s jump in right away!


Spotify has been in the music streaming game for a long time now and it’s probably the first service that comes to mind when we think about music streaming apps. It has some smart features and a huge collection. Spotify is the first company to launch a music subscription service and offered high-quality music to the premium members. Their quality of 320 Kbps has even attracted the Apple Music users and thus Spotify has got a staggering premium customer base of over 100 million,

On the other hand, music has been a great business for Amazon. They have sold millions of MP3s over the years and expanding their catalog from 2 million songs to an unbelievable 50 million. The rise in popularity of devices like Amazon Echo and Alexa is attracting lots of audiophiles to the Amazon Music service.

Before going into Amazon Music Vs Spotify, it’s important to know a bit about the 2 distinctive music services that Amazon offers.

Differences Between Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited in 2021

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Amazon offers 2 kinds of music services – Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited. Both the services have many similarities, but a few key differences which vary them completely.

One of the key differences between the two packages is the catalog. Amazon Prime gives you access to 2 million songs, whereas you’ll get 50 million songs on Amazon Music Unlimited.

If you are an Alexa user, Amazon Music Unlimited can be more exciting than Amazon Prime Music. The additional commands help the users to create playlists effortlessly. Also, you’ll get to know the behind the scenes of all the popular songs if you are an Amazon Music Unlimited Subscriber.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, everything is the same in both apps. You’ll have unlimited skips, offline streaming, and ad-free streaming on both the apps.


Now, coming to the most important aspect – pricing!

Amazon Prime Members get the Amazon Prime app for free! The pricing details for Amazon Music Unlimited are mentioned in the next section of this guide.



Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Spotify Playlist Import

Amazon Music Unlimited is available with several different pricing tiers available. To help you get to grips with Amazon Music Unlimited and to decide if it’s the right service for you, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial.

Amazon Music comes with a different pricing tier. You can get Amazon Music for just $8/£8 per month if you are a Prime member. However, for non-prime members, it is $10/£10 per month.

There is also special pricing for Amazon Echo users. You can stream the music on only the Echo Dot and Echo devices for just $4/£4 per month. This works only on a single Echo device. You need to pay individually if you have multiple Echo devices in your home.


Spotify service comes with simple pricing. The premium ad-supported tier costs you $10/£10 per month.

Both services offer a 30-day free trial.

Spotify has over 100 million paid users and looking at their ratings on Play Store and App Store, it seems that most of them are satisfied with the service. Amazon has never disclosed the number of its paid users. They just say that they have millions of premium users which is obvious.

Spotify is available in over 75 countries, whereas Amazon Music offers its services only in 45 countries.

In India, Spotify offers a flexible premium membership. The monthly premium costs Rs 119. The users also have the option to take premium membership for a day, week and month.

Family Memberships

An Amazon Music family membership can be used by up to 6 family members and it costs you $15/£15 per month. Spotify Premium family membership allows up to 5 family members and the price is $15/£15 per month.

Student Memberships

The Student Membership offers a good discount and both Spotify and Amazon Music offer Student Membership at $5 per month.



There are over 50 million songs on both Amazon Music and Spotify. We’ve tested both apps checking some local songs. Both the apps are equally good. You can pretty much find all your favourite songs in both apps.


There is not much variation in the quality of sound offered by both services. Amazon never declared the bitrate quality of their service. But the experts opine that it’s a 320 bit/sec quality.

Spotify provides the users with an option to download low-quality music to extreme quality. The quality meter starts at 96 bps and ends at 320 bps. That means they almost offer similar to each other in terms of quality, while it is not a new achievement most of the good music providers offer almost the same quality out of the box.

Device Accessibility

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimited is available for Android and iOS devices. There are dedicated apps for both PC and Mac. A web interface lets you play unlimited music right from the web browser. It can be accessed from Amazon Fire tablets and Echo devices. Amazon is also aggressively expanding its reach by tying up with car manufacturers like BMW.


Spotify is on another level altogether. Nothing beats it when it comes to accessibility. It’s everywhere. There are apps for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and tons of other devices. Using Spotify Connect you can control the app on your phone from your TV or TV app from your phone etc. Spotify Connect just works seamlessly. Brands like Sony, LG, Panasonic, B&O, etc all ship the TVs with the Spotify app. Even the speaker companies like Denon, Bose, Yamaha, Naim, Denon, Revo, and Pioneer come with the Spotify app. So in terms of accessibility, the clear winner is Spotify.

Amazon Music Spotify Or Apple Music

Music Management

Both Spotify and Amazon Music have done a great job when it comes to managing playlists and downloaded music. They clearly know that audiophiles prefer the music streaming app that allows managing the music efficiently. However, both the apps still have some glitches which occasionally annoy their customers. For instance, Spotify users complain that the app is downloading the playlists really slowly after the recent update.

When it comes to Amazon Music Unlimited, not all the songs are available for offline listening. The users have to maintain online playlists and offline playlists to listen hassle-free. The recent update on Amazon Music made some users re-download all their songs.

Overall, we’ve noticed good progress in the recent versions of the Amazon Music Unlimited app. It’s more intuitive and works seamlessly most of the time. Creating playlists is simple and the web interface is very polished. Go for a trial of Amazon Music and there is a good chance that you may not look for any other options.

Amazon Prime Membership also comes with a free video streaming service called Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is like an affordable alternative to Netflix, you can also check the comparison of Amazon Prime Vs Netflix in case if you need to know their difference and similarity in detail.

Amazon Music Vs Spotify – Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, there is stiff competition among music streaming services. Even the recently launched YouTube Music has its unique pros and cons.

If you love to have versatility in music streaming, Spotify definitely gains the edge with its incredible Spotify Connect feature. If you have an Amazon Prime membership already, then you can grab Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited at a lower cost which sounds really good.

One good thing is that they are all offering a 30-day free trial. Both Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited have their own sets of pros and cons. We can only find out the right app after using the trial. Both of them are super-rich when it comes to the music collection. Things like interface, music management, and extra benefits must be considered while making the decision. If you are looking forward to a new interface with the exciting collection. We recommend you to sign up for a free trial of Amazon Music, and then try Spotify so if you will get to know the real best service out of the box.

If you are still left with doubts and have any questions in mind regarding Amazon Music Vs Spotify, then don’t fear to put it below in the comment box. We will try to help you out ASAP. Also, check out the video if you are still confused to choose the best service for you.

How to transfer playlists from Amazon Music to Spotify?

Soundiiz is able to import playlists from Amazon Music to other services. The steps below show you the process of importing your Amazon Music playlists to Spotify.

Using the share link from Amazon Music

  1. Open your Amazon Music app or website
  2. Go to the playlist you want to export, click on ... >Share Playlist >Copy Link
  3. On Soundiiz, select Amazon Music in the platforms list
  4. Paste the shared link from Amazon Music and confirm
  5. Follow the steps to import your playlist to Spotify