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At first, it seems a bit odd.

Amazon, one of the largest and most successful tech companies to ever exist, is using Every Door Direct Mail® to hire workers.

Yes, direct mail.

(They don't have AI that can subconsciously control human employment decisions... yet.)

At this point, our collective 'tech overlords' should be all digital, right?

Amazon Direct Mail

It's hard to believe that the same folks who can deliver a can opener, a set of golf clubs, and a bag of dog food — in one hour — would print and mail tens of thousands of postcards to homes across the country.

But sure enough, they are.


Because direct mail really works.

Above all things, Amazon is incredibly smart and efficient in everything they do. From the application of robots and AI to optimize fulfillment operations, to the acquisition of companies (e.g. Whole Foods) and software solutions (e.g. Blink Home) to benefit consumers and grow business, they don't care what works — as long as it makes sense.

Amazon's hiring practices are no different.

They find what works (in this case, direct mail), and scale it.

Amazon Direct Ship Freebies Mailing List

As of 2017, the company had more than 550,000 employees. And with such rapid growth, and a massive new HQ on the way, those numbers will continue to grow.

It's estimated that the company now has about 90 million Prime members (depending on who you ask), and millions of additional non-Prime customers purchasing frequently.

With that type of volume, they need an army of customer service associates.

That's where direct mail comes into play.

Why Direct Mail Makes Sense

When you boil it down, Amazon needs two things to fill customer service positions:

  1. The ability to target every household in the areas surrounding their offices
  2. The ability to reach each qualifying household with an attractive offer

And, that's exactly why Every Door Direct Mail® is a perfect fit.

Commonly referred to as EDDM®, the program was created by the United States Postal Service® to help advertisers reach every address within targeted postal carrier routes, at reduced rates, without the need for additional mailing services, lists, or permits.

Wait... No paperwork? No permits? No hassles?

No wonder Amazon loves it!

In most instances, customer service positions can be filled by a broad range of individuals with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. With a little training, experience, and solid leadership, associates are fairly easy to get up to speed.

Amazon Direct Mail

The real challenge, is finding and attracting qualified employees in the first place.

When it comes to large-scale hiring initiatives, awareness equals ROI.

But direct mail largely solves that challenge because it's fast, affordable, and, perhaps most importantly, it's efficient.

In fact, no other advertising channel guarantees more exposure at the same price point.

When it comes to large-scale hiring initiatives, awareness equals ROI.

According to USPS® research, 98% of consumers bring in their Mail on the day it's delivered. And of these folks, 72% bring it in as soon as possible.

Those are big numbers. And Amazon, who needs to fill positions quickly, loves the fact that they can reach tens of thousands of prospective employees, literally overnight.

But Wait! There's More

Again, Amazon is smart.

They'd be unlikely to approve anything that delivered just one singular benefit.

But, direct mail is far from a one-trick pony...

In my opinion, Amazon uses 'We're Hiring!' direct mail just as much for the public relations win, as they do for actual hiring purposes.

It's powerful branding that digital channels can't match.


When The U.S. Postal Service partnered with the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University’s Fox School of Business to study the power of print and digital advertisements, neuroscience found that print was more effective than digital in almost every way.

The study found that, '...not only did participants spend more time with physical ads, they also remembered them more quickly and confidently. Physical ads elicited a stronger emotional response than their digital counterparts and, overall, had a longer-lasting impact.'

Let's not overlook the fact that when a mega-company like Amazon opens a facility in any market, it's a big deal.

Generally speaking, residents support businesses like Amazon because they promise to create good jobs and boost the local economy. They promise revenue and progress.

So, when Amazon mails thousands of good-news postcards to local residents — they deliver on promises. People feel good about letting Amazon set up shop. It creates a strong sense of local pride and facilitates positive conversations.

Oh, one more thing. Those tens of thousands of homes receiving postcards?

They're mostly Amazon customers, too.


And people buy more from businesses they like.

Amazon Direct Ship Mailing List

Considering that EDDM® postcards only cost about 30¢ each — including postage — I'd say direct mail gives Amazon a pretty good bang for their buck.

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