Alexa And Spotify

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Part 1. How to Play Spotify Playlist on Alexa with Premium

From the beginning of the article, we have pointed out that there are a wide variety of devices supporting interaction with Amazon Alexa. But when it comes to enabling Spotify on Alexa, please make sure Spotify songs are also compatible with available Alexa devices, such as Amazon Echo and Sonos speaker. If you are subscribing other music streaming services, please check it whether Alexa speaker is capable of playing target music streams.

What's more, no matter which Alexa device you are using, it's important to keep it in mind that you are required to subscribe Spotify Premium plan with the purpose of getting Spotify on Alexa. There are two ways you can choose to connect Spotify with Alexa for better music listening with voice control. Let's see how.


Way 1. How to Set Up Spotify on Alexa

To properly use Amazon Echo, Google Home or Siri, some voice commands are essential. Asking the time or the weather forecast to your virtual assistant may be practical, but they are not the only. The confluence of Alexa and Spotify can enhance your music listening experience. Alexa can assist with finding some untapped genres, and there is a lot more than you can explore using it. We have listed some of the music voice commands that you can try using Alexa.

Step 1. Please install and run Amazon Alexa app on your mobile devices or computers, and tap Settings option from the left-side menu to click Account -> Music & Media button.

Step 2. There is a new window popping up, where you will see a list of music streaming services supported by Alexa. Just select 'Spotify' by clicking 'Link Account on” to login your Spotify premium account details.

Step 3. When you get a message 'Your Spotify account has been linked successfully', please go back to the Music & Media section of the Alexa app, and hit on 'Choose default music services' button to make Spotify default on Alexa.

Step 4. Now, you can start to use the activation word 'Alexa' and other music commands to ask Alexa to play certain music, songs, playlists or artists on Spotify, Spotify tracks will be playing on Alexa smart speaker automatically.

If you are using Amazon Echo in hand, you can refer to this complete tutorial to play Spotify on Echo with Alexa: How to Stream Spotify Music on Amazon Echo.

Way 2. Connect Alexa Devices on Spotify App

Alexa and spotify premium

Step 1. Install Spotify app on your computer or mobile device and launch it.

Step 2. Play a favorite song, and click the 'Devices Available' button at the bottom-right corner to connect Alexa device.

Step 3. Start to listen to Spotify music on Alexa supported devices. Please make sure both devices connected under the same Wi-Fi network.

Note: You can control playback using the Spotify app but not for Alexa voice assistant. The reason I listed this way in this step is that this is also a solution to playing Spotify music or playlists on Alexa compatible devices.

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Alexa And Spotify Not Working

Alexa And Spotify
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Spotify Through Alexa


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Alexa And Spotify Duo

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Alexa And Spotify Commands

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