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Re: 552 Disk full - please upload later #3 Post by thosecars82 » 2011-05-14 20:23 boco wrote: You must contact the server administrator, the server's physical storage is full. Hello Carloscamarena, I notified systems about the issue and they are aware of the problem. They are in the process of resolving the problem. If you wish to receive word directly from them on this issue, please email [email protected] Systems is working to resolve the issue a soon as possible.

When I try to load my sites, I get this error: disk full - please upload later (552) and my site upload fails. Thank you Posted on the 19:42:40. Download FileZilla Server for Windows. We need your support! The FileZilla Project is making an ongoing, substantial investment to bring FileZilla Server to all platforms.

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Hi Guys,
As of today I am unable to upload through FTP. When I try I get the following response:

I have used a number of users including users in Wheel & confirmed that there is 20GB available. I have no quotas set for any user in FTP or system wide.
I can however copy to the drive over SMB.
I am starting as follows with verbose logging enabled:
[CMD=']Running: /usr/local/sbin/pure-ftpd -g/var/run/pure-ftpd.pid -c10 -B -C8 -d -D -E -fftp -H -I15 -lunix -L10000:8 -m4 -U133:022 -u100 -i -Oclf:/var/log/pureftpd.log -k99 -Z -Y1
But the log file is completely empty.
I have also restarted the box as a last resort with no effect.
I can not find anything else to try? I am desperate

The advanced parameters for restoring mode

Select advanced parameters
Choose the extra parametrs you want. Here we just press enter to accept the default settings:
552 Disk Full FilezillaChoose the option ' (Use the partition table from image)
552 disk full filezilla mac

552 Disk Full Filezilla File

If the target disk size is larger than the size of source disk of image, you can try to use option '-k1' which will create the partition table proportionally in the target disk and turn on option '-r' to resize the file file system in the partition automatically. This is useful to make use all of the target disk size.
If the destination disk is smaller than the source disk, if using beginner mode, you will see an error message like this (attempting to restore an image saved from 17.1 GB to a smaller disk (8.5 GB):
If you are sure all the data from the image could fit the smaller disk, i.e. it won't be written to the wrong disk space, you can check the option '-icds'.

552 Disk Full Filezilla Mac

Warning! To select this option, you have to know what you are doing!.

For more details about the advanced parameters of Clonezilla live, you can also check this FAQ/Q&A.