What is the Difference between General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry?

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What is the Difference between General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry?

Since past few decades there has been a lot of development in the field of dentistry medical care. The emergence of multiple effective medical techniques assisting to cure oral health issues of individuals has made dental care easy to handle. There are different sectors in dentistry making it easy for dentist to specialize in their chosen dentistry health care. Few of the major role players in dentistry field are General dentistry and Cosmetic dentistry.

General dentistry:

As the term suggests, it represents all kinds of dental care for treating common dental problems. The medical practitioner of this general dentistry field is well known as a dentist. General dentists not only take care of oral problems, but also help in preventing oral disorders. They are the first medical help you seek while experiencing dental problems.

Few of the dental care included in general dentistry are:

  • Extracting troubled tooth.
  • Filling up of cavities.
  • Cleaning the whole teeth structure.
  • The treatment of tooth root canals disorders.
  • Simple teeth whitening procedure.
  • Dental bonding.
  • Dental implants.

Even though they may not relate to do advanced dentistry treatment, but the dentist assist to contact the right dental help required to treat your complicated dentistry problems. One such special dental treatment is known as Cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry:

Mostly the dentistry field is more into enhancing the appearance of teeth. Actually, your teeth alignment needs to be perfect for helping your face to look really beautiful. Moreover, if your natural tooth is decayed or gets damaged, the need to replace it becomes mandatory. The implant of new artificial tooth is successfully done by cosmetic dentists.

Cosmetic dentists are specialized in providing oral care through cosmetic dentistry procedures. All the forms of cosmetic dentistry are performed by them to help their patient’s teeth look best and to provide right teeth implant treatment when the original teeth goes missing.

Here are few main dental processes involved in cosmetic dentistry:

  • Providing extra elements to improve teeth and gum and to be safe from any oral issues. The methods involve bonding, veneers, crown and gum grafts.
  • To eliminate the decay, the removal of teeth structure is essential. The condition can be treated by Enameloplasty and Gingivectomy that gives fast positive results and increases the life span of gums and teeth.
  • Improving tooth structure and smile correction. The process involves teeth whitening and gum pigmentation. Advanced medical tools are involved to complete the treatment effectively, quickly and involve safer methods.
  • Dental implants and dentures are quite effective to replace missing teeth or crooked teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is fast becoming a popular method to improve beauty of face by straightening the teeth line and shaping and brightening the teeth. The process involved are safe and simple. Thus, no worries while resetting your decayed teeth or while seeking dental care to beautify your smile.

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