Few Rules to Follow While Lighting High Ceilings

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Few Rules to Follow While Lighting High Ceilings

Many of you must be living in a house with high ceiling. High ceilings offer good amount of space to design your lighting system. Bigger height offers a lot of freedom to choose your lighting as compared to low ceiling.

Solar system chandelier lighting must be used to draw attention to all other fantastic features available in the room.

So, following are 5 rules that you can follow while lighting your high ceilings:

Use rule of thirds

Here the idea is to divide your room into 3 levels and try to light each of these levels differently:

1. Top

This space will provide ambient lighting where all eyes will be drawn while looking up. Hence, try to put chandeliers and pendants, to fill the space even if they may hang till the middle section.

2. Middle

Here you must place fabric hangings and art pieces. Also, any accent lighting if you want, like track lighting.

3. Bottom

Here all the furniture is placed where task lighting on your tables must be placed along with floor lighting to ensure that your floor is illuminated fully.

Lighting on these 3 levels will divide your room into various zones, like your table lamp will signify living room, pendants over table will indicate dining room.

Stick to rule of layering

You should not forget your layers which are:

  • Ambient
  • Accent
  • Task

So, first you must get all the ambient light sorted out because this will influence where your other lamps will go.

Make sure that there are no too many ‘hot’ spots having too much light at the same time very little ‘cold’ spots.

Here your LEDs will be useful as LED can offer lots of bright lights and they need not require replacement for a long time.

Use certain theme all throughout your lighting

There must be certain common feature for all three layers. One of the most common themes can be some color, which may be easy to draw people’s interest where one can see certain pattern.

With lighting it is possible that can be done either by having lighting holders of the same color or you may use it for highlighting the features by using that color, or any material in it.

Factor-in all the natural lights

There may be a need for lots of lighting to fill these spaces, however less will be more as far as objects are concerned, which will make your lighting easier.

Besides, many rooms having high ceilings can also have plenty of natural lights that must be factored in, and hence your lighting will be necessity only during night. You can dim the light bulbs, which can make the room little more versatile.

Bend the rules that suits you

Having said all that, finally it is your choice and taste which is most important while designing your lighting of the ceiling. You may follow the above rules, but if any of above rules go against your taste then you are free to bend it as per your choice.

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