Leverage Your Website, Social Media, and Location for More Customers

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Leverage Your Website, Social Media, and Location for More Customers

If you can get more people into your store, you can sell more products. This fact isn’t lost on most retailers, and many of the larger stores track how many items are bought per transaction, as well as how much is spent. People will seldom just buy one item if they are able to pick up others. Grocery stores use this to their advantage by offering loss leaders to get people into the store; they trust that while people are getting a deal on milk, their customers will also pick up butter, bread, and gum at the checkout to make up for the loss. Even if you understand how important it is to get foot traffic, you may not know how to do it. Here are some tips for using your website, your social media, and your location with accessories like feather flags and sandwich boards to draw more attention to your brick and mortar store.

Your Website

You’ve already invested in your website. It’s time to use it to create synergy with your physical location. By putting your items online and allowing people to order them, you’re already doing good. However, that means going to the post office to ship your items. If you offer an in-store pickup option, people may choose to come down to your store to get the items. They can do more shopping while they’re at your business.

Social Media

The major part of being on social media is being social. However, as a business, you also need to accomplish the business side of it. Be sure that you’re doing both with your social media presence. Offer deals for your followers, and they will appreciate the opportunity to come into your store as a member of your social media group!

Your Location

Hopefully, you followed the real estate maxim and chose your physical property because of its location, location, location. Even if you didn’t get your first choice, you need to leverage your physical storefront to attract attention to your store. A sandwich board can serve triple duty. It can attract attention with a clever saying or drawing, show people that you’re actually open, and be used with your social media with a possibility of going viral depending on the message. Feather flags use the wind to attract attention. They can state clearly what you offer and allow you to show that you’re open if you bring them in and take them out every day.


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