What Are the Important Requirements to Get Admission in Columbia University?

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What Are the Important Requirements to Get Admission in Columbia University?

TColumbia University attracts a wide range of international and diverse faculty and student body for supporting teaching, and researching global issues. The first thing that you would need to know when seeking admission to this University is its admission requirements.

There are several things that you need to consider when filing a college application. Let us see more about it in detail.

Acceptance rate

If you wish to get admitted to the university, you will need to look at its acceptance rate. This will give you an idea about how competitive this school is and how stringent are their requirements. The admission rate is 5.6% at Columbia University. This implies that only six students get admitted into the school, in a total of hundred applicants.

This low acceptance rate shows that the school is very selective. It is very much needed to meet their SAT/ACT and GPA requirements to prove your academic performance, and get past their initial round of shortlisting candidates.

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Application requirements

Once you cross this obstacle, you have to pass the second hurdle of “application requirement”. You will need to impress the application readers at Columbia University through your other application requirements that include extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, and essays.

Columbia University GPA Requirements

A majority of schools need a minimum GPA requirement. The average GPA requirement for current students is 4.13. To achieve a GPA of 4.13, and get considered for the University admission, you need to top your class.

You will require all A’s in your classes so as to compete with various other applicants. You should also be taking up hard classes such as IB, or AP.

If your GPA score is below, or at the specified school average of “4.13”, it requires you to score a higher ACT or SAT score for compensation. This score will let you compete effectively against your competitors who have got a greater GPA score than you.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Each school has varying needs for standardized testing. A majority of schools need the ACT or the SAT and even SAT subject tests. You can take either the ACT or SAT to submit your application to Columbia University.

To build an influential application, it requires you to score well in these tests. The average composite score of SAT at Columbia University is 1510. It is a very high score that makes the admission at Columbia University highly competitive.

Section-wise Breakdown of SAT scores:

Section                                      Average                            25th Percentile                 75th Percentile

Math                              770                                    740                                                 800

Reading and Writing   740                                       710                                 760

Composite                   1510                                   1450                                   1560


Columbia University is one of the reputed universities throughout the world. This guide will definitely help you learn about the necessary qualification requirement to enroll at Columbia University and develop a strong application.

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