Short Overview About University of California

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Short Overview About University of California

University of California is a well-known public institution which was founded in the year 1965 at Santa Cruz. At present, there are 17,792 undergraduate students enrolled in this institution which is spread within 2,000 acres of campus.

The ranking of this university among the best national colleges as per 2020 edition was 84. The in-state tuition fees of this university are $14,054 while out-of-state tuition fees are $43,046.

University of California of Santa Cruz is one of the ten schools that come under the system of university of the state. Almost all students who get UC Santa Cruz admissions prefer to choose campus area as their residence and choose to join any of the 10 colleges available.

There are plenty of facilities available at the campus location and most students therefore prefer to stay in the campus area.

Following are few special facilities that you can get while residing in the campus area.

  • 25 miles or more trails for hiking and jogging
  • 150 or more numbers of student organizations and clubs
  • Facility for students to participate in various sports activities
  • Facility of rides and number of games
  • Opportunities for sailing, swimming and kayaking
  • Travel in Transit District buses totally free

If you look at the academic power of the public research institution then perhaps sky is the limit. This school is known nationally for subjects like space sciences and astronomy programs.

Few other creative types of programs are UCSC and designing computer game that was first school in this University of California to offer degree in such discipline.

At UCSC many female engineers can be found and one can get good company of female students in this university. These schools are especially noted for offering maximum number of degrees in engineering graduation particularly to women.

Some of the notable alumni of this university are:

  • Dana Priest who was winner journalist of Pulitzer Prize
  • Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva who are NPR broadcast producers. They are also known as Kitchen Sisters
  • Jayne Ann Krentz, was romance novelist, who writes often under pseudonyms like Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick

Admission requirements for the UC Santa Cruz

Here are few requirements for getting admission to the UC Santa Cruz. Though there can be plenty of things that you have to consider in order to get a college application, but you must focus on following few critical things:

  1. Requirements for GPA

At the UC Santa Cruz, the average requirement of GPA is 3.55 which is measured in the scale of 4.0. Besides that, your high school performance must be above average where your grade must be a mix of “A” or “B” but very few “C”.

If GPA is less, then they can compensate by opting few difficult courses like IB or AP classes.

  1. Requirements for testing that includes requirements for SAT and ACT

The requirements of SAT and ACT of each school may vary and therefore you must try to perform well in the SAT or ACT.

Average SAT scores requirement is 1280 on the scale of 1600 and the average score requirement for ACT is 27.

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