Read This If You Want Transfer to Northeastern University

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Read This If You Want Transfer to Northeastern University

Transferring from one college to the other can often be too confusing as well as time consuming. However, about 700,000+ students transfer their college every year and therefore if you are planning to transfer your college to Northeastern University, then read this article for some useful tips.

Northeastern University was founded in the year of 1898, which is a private research university of Boston, and considered to be one of the leaders in:

  • Interdisciplinary research
  • Integration of learning of classroom with real-world experience
  • Urban engagement

The cooperative education program of this university is the largest and also most innovative program in the whole world.

Northeastern also offers number of comprehensive graduate and undergraduate programs which is leading to degrees to the doctorate in 6 undergraduate colleges, 8 graduate schools, and 2 part-time divisions.

Transfer requirements to get into Northeastern University

In order to get northeastern transfer then you need to send few completed documents. Following are few documents that are very necessary.

  • High school transcript will be needed in few cases
  • College transcript will be needed for all cases
  • All of you have to submit your personal statement or an essay
  • Standardized test scores will be needed in some cases
  • Good standing statement from your prior institution

Besides that, Northeastern University will also need minimum amount of credits to be completed for applying for transfer. The minimum credit requirement for transfer for Northeastern University will be 12.

Following are few details of the requirements to Northeastern University.

1. Minimum GPA

For most successful transfer to this university, the applicant must earn cumulative grade point minimum of 3.3 or more.

2.Official transcript

You need to produce official transcript of all institutions that you have attended for your higher education.

If you have attended less than 24-semester hours in college, then your transcript of high school or GED score will be needed.

3.SAT scores

In case of a student who has completed less than 24 semester-hours in the college-level studies, his scores on SAT and/or ACT will be needed.


All the applicants will be needed to submit minimum 250-word statement that will mention the reasons for the transfer and the objectives that the candidate hope to achieve.

5.Letters of recommendation

Northeastern university needs at least one letter of recommendation from an academic advisor, employer or professor to help them to learn more about the candidate as a student.

6.Application fees

Application fee of $70 to be submitted along with application.


For general consideration for admission to university, no interview is required. However, the candidate’s portfolio will be needed for art and other graphic design majors, also for applicants for music technology

8.Any other requirements

All students interested to get transferred will be required to apply for certain specific college of their choice and also their major subjects.

For candidates with art and graphic-design as majors, should have their portfolio which is recommended.

Also, applicants for studio art and music technology, their mid-term grade report also must be submitted.

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