Learn About The Requirements To Get Admission In Cal State Fullerton

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Learn About The Requirements To Get Admission In Cal State Fullerton

There are several things that will make you eligible for admission at a Cal State Fullerton school. These are GPA requirements, testing requirements that include ACT, and SAT scores and application requirements. In this article, you will get in-depth knowledge of admission requirements stated by Cal State Fullerton College.

What is the Admission rate of Cal State Fullerton?

The first thing that you need to look before applying to any school is its acceptance rate. The admission rate at Cal State Fullerton is 43.4%. This implies that for every hundred applicants, only 43 of them get admitted. This makes the school fairly selective.

The school expects its candidates to fulfill their SAT/ACT scores and GPA requirements, but they are comparatively more flexible than other ones. If you go beyond their requirements, then you have excellent possibilities of getting selected in the school.

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ACT, and SAT Requirements

This is another important testing strategy included at Cal State Fullerton. You need to score well in SAT score to form a strong application. Cal State Fullerton requires candidates to score a minimum of 1139 of the 1600 SAT scale.

GPA Requirements

The average GPA of this school for its present students is 3.68. It implies that you have to perform more than average in the high school class. There should be a mix of more of A’s and less of B’s to qualify.

SAT Score Analysis

The 25th and 75th percentile of New SAT score is 1040 and 1220 respectively. This implies that by scoring 1040 on the New SAT, you are likely to be placed below average, whereas 1220 will put you above average. Here is the decomposition of section-wise SAT scores:

Section                                                     Average      25th Percentile           75th Percentile

Reading and Writing                                 569                520                               610

Math                                                         570                  520                               610

Composite                                               1139                1040                             1220

SAT Score Choice Policy

Cal State Fullerton has got the “Highest Section” policy that enables students to choose what type of SAT tests do they want to send to their school.

ACT Requirements

The average “ACT” score at this college is 22. It implies that Cal State Fullerton is moderately competitive for students.

ACT/SAT Writing Section Requirements

Both the ACT and SAT have got an optional essay section. The college recommends students to take the ACT Writing/ SAT Essay section. Good essays and writing skills will strengthen your application.

SAT Subject Test Requirements

As of now, Cal State Fullerton doesn’t conduct any SAT subject tests as one of the admission criteria for students. It is important to check about it six months before applying for this college.


By learning these important factors, you can make your admission application strong, and impactful. Keeping the above information in mind, and scoring well will definitely increase your chances of admission at Cal State Fullerton College.

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