Important Guide to Write an Impactful Transfer Essay

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Important Guide to Write an Impactful Transfer Essay

Transfer essays are an important component in creating a college transfer application. In some colleges, these essays are a pre-requisite for admission. When writing an essay, a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work. It can differ due to a variety of reasons.

In this article, we will tell you all about writing an impactful transfer essay.

Establish core values

The initial paragraph of the transfer essay holds a lot of importance. What you write in this part is going to create the first impression on the admission committee. You only have thirty seconds to make your best impression.

One of the best ways to do is to write about your core values in this part. It can be intimacy, connection, listening, and family. You can list all those things that you want in your dream school and are absent in the current school. Your deepest needs and sufferings in the current school situation should be included in this part.

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Explain your reason for transfer

Having written the first part, you now need to write the next paragraph. In this part, you are going to describe the reason for opting for transferring into a new school. Here, you will list all those qualities that you appreciate in the new school, and that would help in the progress of your academic record.

There can be innumerable reasons behind it. Cost, reputation, location, unavailability of the major subject in your current school, any other unfilled expectation in current school etc. can be a few other reasons that you can list in this paragraph.

Prove your worth

In this paragraph, you will list all those things that you have managed in your past school, and how did you manage to fulfill your requirements while facing the adversities.

While framing the sentences for this part, you need to reflect your positive mindset and put it in a creative for. Show that you wish to graduate in the best high school and are working towards creating an awesome future.

List your dream or choices of study

Now in this paragraph, you will talk about all your dreams and aspirations in the new school. Tell about the major you are interested in studying in the new school. Define your life’s vision, dream job, etc.

Talk about how your new school will accomplish your dream

Having described your dreams, expectations, the reason for changing the existing school etc. you will now need to list all those things that make you choose the new school. Explain why did you select the new school, and how will it help in realizing your dream.


A transfer essay is a very important step in the college transfer process. Though writing this essay is not an easy task, but with these tips, and important steps you can easily form an impressive transfer essay and enhance your chances of transfer to your dream college.

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