Show Dedication and True Personality to Get Accepted in UCLA

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Show Dedication and True Personality to Get Accepted in UCLA

UCLA is the oldest campus in South California. It is a public college in Los Angeles with 337 undergraduate plus graduate programs in various fields. Every year, many students come across from different cities and countries to enroll into UCLA. There are also many transferred applicants every year which makes UCLA high in demand among all American Universities.

Getting accepted in UCLA requires some hard work from all students. UCLA majorly focuses on grades and scores of GPA, SAT, and ACT. UCLA GPA requirements are 3.89, but it is better to score above 4 as you may never know what the UCLA application reader is thinking. Similarly, for SAT the average score should be 1315 and for ACT it should not be more than 75. If you don’t fall in any one of the criteria then you will have trouble in getting accepted.

CampusReel is an online site that gives your people information on colleges and schools in West, Midwest and East region. Once you have decided about the college you can check their online site and take a [proper view of all videos o know better about that college and school. They just want you to select the right college so that you don’t transfer next year after regretting. They have detailed information on all colleges and their method of selection.

Getting admission in UCLA isn’t easy. Every year out of 100 candidates only 17 get accepted, so you can imagine their level of scrutiny. This also increases competition among students to earn a chance of studying in UCLA. Hence if you want to become a part of UCLA your application should be the best in all respect.

UCLA has its own system and no sources or recommendations are entertained. They only believe in scores, grades and academic records. Along with GPA, SAT as well as ACT scores, students should also complete number of years in respective subjects –

  • History/ Social Science – 2 years
  • English for college preparation – 4 years
  • Mathematics – 3 years
  • Lab science – 2 years
  • Foreign language – 2 years
  • Visual and arts – 1 year

There are 8 personal questions out of which you have to answer 4. Each answer should be of at least 350 words. Those questions are available on any online site. You can also refer to the site mentioned above.

Apart from grades and scores –

  • Participate in extracurricular activities like music and sports. UCLA entertains those who are interested in these fields.
  • You can also participate in personality development classes and volunteer in social awareness. UCLA sows interest students who work positively towards local community.
  • Write essays that reflect your character and personality properly. Sometimes your grades and certificates don’t speak about your personality much, but if you tell about yourself properly in an essay format, you will be showing your skills ad interests.

Students don’t just apply to one college, but they keep their options open. However, while applying for UCLA, you must look interested. Your essay, speech should show interest only towards UCLA. The committee should get swayed while reading your dedication towards UCLA.

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