Explore the Live Music Establishments in Memphis

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Explore the Live Music Establishments in Memphis

Memphis has always been a flourishing live music scene. The city has raised and discovered B. B. King and Elvis Presley. Every night, music from the new and old stars can be enjoyed at some legendary music establishments. The new ones bring fresh vibes besides travelers even have a nice time exploring the city.

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B.B. Kings’ Blue Club

The original Blue Club is located at Beale Street. It is an iconic place that has shaped the Memphis town. You will even discover next-generation Blues stars beside performers making a way in the rock ‘n’ roll and soul music style.

The club serves delicious cocktails and barbeque, which indices a party mood. It doesn’t matter if the lineup is a new mark or an old performer, you will enjoy the melodies all night long.

Blues City café

This is another Beale Street establishment, which is popular for its impressive and energetic live shows and ribs. It is an ancient school joint, where customers sit around wood tables that surround the stage. You are very close to the band and performers.

You will feel the soul they put in their act. Blues City has always encouraged Memphis themed act and Memphis talent.

Handy Park Pavilion

It is a Park located in the core of Beale Street and is named after W.C. Handy the ‘Father of Blues’. It is a public venue, where everyone is welcome to enjoy live performances mostly every day.

There is a small performance are reserved for the budding singers and bands, whereas established musicians can use the large stage. Anyone can perform on the stage in the afternoons.

Lafayette’s Music Room

In Overton Square, the Lafayette Music Room got popular for discovering the 70s stars KISS, Bill Joel, and Barry Manilow. All entertained in this music hall first. Usually, live music can be enjoyed every day but on weekends there are two different events.

The ambiance is fun and relaxing. Locally brewed beers can be ordered along with a full menu.

Southern Folklore Center

In Downtown Memphis, the center has a simple goal that is to celebrate the music, heritage, and art of the south. The key element is live music, which is held once in a week featuring musicians from the south.

Concerts are held indoor with ideal acoustics and flamboyant wall murals. There are funk and rock bands, country musicians, singer & songwriters, etc. A great experience!


A college hangout located on a Highland strip. The musical performances cover expansive music styles including rock, blues, and country. Mojo Possum is an impressive jazz-funk band, which can be heard regularly. Travelers, past college age, can find Newby’s to be a time machine. The music is also worth.

Minglewood Hall

An abandoned bread factory in midtown Memphis has been transformed into a popular concert venue. It has an outdoor and indoor plaza, where huge events get hosted. There is a small area, where some local and regional music from the MidSouth gets hosted.

Young Avenue Deli

It is a vibrant spot in the Cooper-Young neighborhood. A throwback bar, where Midtown hippies mix with young professionals enjoying pool tables and sandwiches. This deli and bar, features live music regularly and surprises customers with big names.

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