Eco-friendly products that you should start using this year

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Eco-friendly products that you should start using this year

The latest face of the fact that when you go out shopping you don’t have the environment as the first thing in your mind. This is completely understandable and we don’t criticize you for this. Saving the planet and taking care of it is the responsibility for everyone. Saving our environment becomes our moral responsibility that we should take seriously. All you need to do is to make some small changes in your day to day life.

Here is a list of eco-friendly products to use this year:

Reusable shopping bags

You will find several plastic bags getting discarded every year. These plastic bags are very dangerous and pollute the earth. One solution to eradicate the use of plastic use is to use reusable shopping bags. You can use reusable wine bags with imprint for shopping. Reusable grocery bags are stronger, sturdier, and can hold much more weight as compared to the plastic bags. Since they are reusable, they help you save a lot of money and can be reused. These bags biodegradable and hence they do not cause pollution.

Reusable water bottles

Humans are supposed to drink around 1.5 litres of water every day. If you purchase Water bottles then you are going to purchase 6 plastic bottles in one day. And where do all these plastic bottles? The go in the landfill and water and pollute our environment. Instead of using these plastic bottles you can opt to use steel bottles are bottles made with a reusable fibre. You can fill them up when the bottle gets empty. This will save you so much money on plastic bottles and will help you to live with sustainability.

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

The cleaning supplies that you use contains several toxic elements such as bleach which is harmful to the environment. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. We can use natural cleaning products that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. You can also make DIY cleaning supplies at home. Try to use simple supplies such as baking soda, soap suds, and white vinegar.

Reusable straws

If someone who needs straws very often then goes ahead and Opt for reusable straws. Keep the reusable straws with you so that you can easily sip on this smoothies and milkshakes whenever you want. Several popular brands have started banning plastic and are focusing on eco-friendly items. You can also choose to use stainless steel straws with silicone ends.

Biodegradable cutlery

Biodegradable cutlery is another way to save the earth. There are several companies on a small scale who have started producing biodegradable cutlery made from avocados or bamboo. These cutleries are very easily decomposable as compared to plastic and do not pollute the earth. You can also keep some of these biodegradable cutleries along with you wherever you go so that you do not need to use the plastic cutlery.

Using all of these products this year can help you to contribute a little in saving the environment. All of these changes, when done on a minute level, can help the environment majorly.

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