Document Automation – Learn About Uploading Templates And Creating Documents

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Document Automation – Learn About Uploading Templates And Creating Documents

Document automation helps you to make documents faster, with the use of preformatted templates. You can enter the information like addresses, account balances or any other details fast. It supports the templates which are made in the following format like .doc, .docx, .ppt, .xml, etc.

Templafly provides a good platform for creating business documents, which can be made effectively with the assistance of automated templates. It helps to make the same faster and by the company standards. Repetition can be avoided with intelligent automation. Company has four offices around the world in Copenhagen, New York, Berlin and Eindhoven

What Are Templates?

These are pre-configured worksheets that are made to assist you in saving your time. The documents can be created professionally with the help of the same.

he office templates have a predesigned layout and styles that can be used for formatting such as font size, spacing, language alignment, etc. You can customize your documents according to your requirements by adding data or text, print it and share it online.

How To Upload Template For Document Automation?

This is done by selecting the “Documents “Tab, click on “Templates” sub-tab. You can upload the new template by clicking the add button. Click on “Choose File“ in the “Add Document Template” and after doing this you can choose the template from your computer.

Generating Documents

After uploading the template, you can create your document. It can be done from the main “Documents “tab, Documents sub-tab of contact and the sub-tab of a “Matter”. Click “New” button menu and then choose “Document from Template” option.

Open the window “Create a Document “and select the template that you wish to make a document from. In case you are creating the same from the main document tab then you have to enter a matter. Lastly, choose the file type of the document which is generated.

For instance, if your template is a word document, then it leads to the generation of a word document. The document can be seen in the document list in the Matter folder.

Benefits Of Using Templates

Simplifies the Task

The task of creating personal or business documents becomes easier. You get a solid framework for making a document of your choice. A considerable amount of time can be saved. Even beginners can create well-designed documents with the help of the pre-designed formats.

Reduce errors

There are no chances of making errors in the document. If these occur by mistake, these can be corrected instantly, because everything is preformatted. So you do not have to worry about any type of errors. Templates offer a perfect solution to handle errors.

 Improves Consistency and Compliance

The documents which are generated with the help of templates are consistent and comply with your business. The information is presented professionally and the business documents show your brand in the best possible manner.


It becomes easier to generate all types of documents with the help of predesigned templates. These show a high level of professionalism. You can save a considerable amount of time by making use of the same and generate quality documents.

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