Several Ways to Enjoy Memphis On Tight Budget

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Several Ways to Enjoy Memphis On Tight Budget

The soul city in Tennessee has a lot to offer besides music festivals. You can enjoy the city without damaging your budget. It doesn’t mean you will not have a memorable experience. There are several ways to enjoy the city without paying top dollars.

When to visit 

May is the season of festivities in Memphis and attracts large crowds, so the prices spike high. Elvis week in August is also a popular time, where special events like movie screening concerts and Elvis Expo of memorabilia gets accommodated. January 8th is also a busy time because it is the birthday of the rock n’ roll star. Global fans of Elvis visit Graceland, during these months.


Where to eat

In Soul City, you get the best BBQ and there are some places where you can enjoy a barbeque at reasonable rates. Rendezvous on Second Street, downtown is popular amongst tourists. Corky gets good marks and has a franchise in multiple locations. The Commissary in Germantown suburbs is less popular but good. Besides barbeque, there are several good options for food and drinks.

Where to stay

Moderately priced accommodation is available along I-55. There may be traffic problems if you are traveling to the city from here. You may consider accommodation in midtown or downtown for a price of $150 per night. In Germantown, you get suites for $120 per night. In the suburbs like Cordova and Bartlett, you can get mid-priced options.

Get around

The I-240 Midtown area is connected to the South airport. I-40 directs you towards downtown and I-55 connects Mississippi suburbs with the core of the city. The bus transportation is the best and cheap option. Single fare can be bought but if you are going to spend some time, then buy a pass that allows a maximum of 21 bus rides.

Major attractions around the soul city

  • Graceland is the most visited mansion, where Elvis lived and worked. You can take a free shuttle ride to Graceland.
  • Spend some moments at the National Civil Rights Museum, which was a motel where Martin Luther was assassinated.
  • Beale Street has transformed into an entertainment district, where you can listen to live music and taste traditional cooking. Beale is the home of Blues, where Rock n’ Roll was born.
  • The Mud Island River Park is a pleasant place, where you will see a replica of Mississippi valley. You can take a walk or a tram from the Riverfront.
  • Sun Records is a small studio where Elvis had his first recording. The place has fascinating stories and worth a visit.
  • It is nearly a century-old tradition at the Peabody Hotel in downtown, where the Peabody ducks March from the elevator towards the fountain in the lobby.
  • The 40 miles of biking can be enjoyed at the Shelby farm park. Plenty of space is available to enjoy a picnic and cool in the water. You can even get adventurous and go zip-lining or participate in Treetop adventures like Tarzan swings, rope ladders, and net bridges.

The soul city is safe but it is wise to be cautious of your surroundings and never walk into unknown spots after dark.

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