Quick and Easy Apple Recipes

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Quick and Easy Apple Recipes

Local apples in Georgia can be used in hundreds of recipes. However, there are plenty of recipes where apples can be used that don’t also include ten other ingredients and twenty steps to complete. In fact, apples can be used in very simple ways to make great meals and snacks. With just a few steps and ingredients, you can quickly transform apples for any meal or time of day. Purchase apples from local farms and see how many different ways they can be utilized! Here are just four examples of quick and easy apple recipes.

Caramel Apples

Georgia apples for sale are perfect for making caramel apples. Buy a dozen local apples and poke a wooden stick through the middle. Then, dip each apple in caramel sauce. Right after dipping, you can enhance these apples by rolling them in ingredients like crushed chocolate cookies, white chocolate chips or sprinkles. Let the caramel sauce harden completely before wrapping or eating.

Cinnamon Apple Chips

Cinnamon apple chips make for the perfect snack! Simply slice up a few apples very thinly. Place the apple chips on a baking sheet and sprinkle both sides with cinnamon. Bake the apple slices until they start to curl up at the edges and become crispy. Let the chips cool completely before eating alone or dipped in caramel sauce.

Apple Pancakes

Put your local apples to good use by mixing them into your pancakes! Chop up one or two apples into small pieces and add them to your pancake batter. Apple pancakes can be eaten nice and hot with butter and syrup or chilled for an on-the-go snack later on. Either way, the apple pieces make for a sweet crunch inside the soft pancakes.

Fruit Kabobs

If you have a lot of fruit in your home, use the opportunity to make fruit kabobs! Almost any kind of fruit can be used as part of the kabobs. Grapes, pieces of pineapple, and orange slices can all be stacked, along with fresh apple slices, to make a delicious and healthy kabob. Serve these at any party along with a fruit dip or sauce.

Local apples in Georgia are just waiting to be used to create any or all of these great dishes. Fresh apples provide a great taste and crunch for caramel apples, apple chips, apple pancakes, and fruit kabobs. All of these dishes are simple to create and are a great use of local ingredients grown on Georgia farms. Appreciate and utilized apples a little bit more by taking advantage of one of these quick and easy recipes!

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