Got Sensitive Skin? No Worries, Go for Surgical Steel or Titanium Jewellery

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Got Sensitive Skin? No Worries, Go for Surgical Steel or Titanium Jewellery

You may all know that there are plenty of body jewellery options available these days. You can choose from metals like gold, silver, platinum or non-metals such as wood. Among this wide array of options, you can pick your favourite based on the look and feel, design and your budget. There is really not a single best choice. It entirely depends on your convenience and style.

If you have a sensitive skin, your body piercing may react to the jewellery material and it makes the process of piercing and healing more painful and it would slow down the healing process.

However, you need not worry as there is some good news. This should not stop you from getting a body piercing done. There are material options like the surgical steel and titanium that are wonderful alternatives for conventional jewellery material.

Surgical Steel Body Jewellery

The surgical steel is a special type of steel. The steel is an alloy of metals. However, when the alloy is manufactured with more care and in a process, which makes the normal steel into a medicated one, fit for using as medical equipment, then it is called surgical steel.

The idea of using a surgical steel for making body jewellery is a brilliant one. The surgical steel is light yet very sturdy. The surgical steel also doesn’t cause any allergies to sensitive skin type.

When you use a surgical steel body jewellery and you want to hit the beach, you do not have the risk of it reacting with the salt in the sea water and cause allergy to the raw skin. These reasons make the surgical steel a very viable option for body jewellery.

Titanium body jewellery

One more safe material choice for body jewellery is titanium. They make a wonderful choice because of the hybrid quality of strength and safety. Titanium as a metal is the least reactive and highly resistant. It is durable and lighter than steel.

Key difference between Titanium Body jewellery and Surgical steel body jewellery

  • Titanium is a metal and an element as such whereas steel is an alloy
  • Steel is very sturdy but Titanium is equally strong but lighter as well
  • There will be more variety and styles with the surgical steel compared to titanium
  • Though both surgical steel and titanium may be known to have the same effect by many, extremely sensitive people may react to steel and so they may need titanium jewellery.

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