4 Pieces of Text to Include on Custom Flags

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4 Pieces of Text to Include on Custom Flags

The business world is very competitive across all industries, especially in today’s digital age when there’s so many different avenues for advertising. In addition to traditional print advertising, there’s online marketing and some pretty cool signage, too. Small family-owned shops, restaurants, car dealerships, furniture stores and so much more can expand upon their advertising efforts with┬ácustom flags. These feather flags are easy to pop up and pack away, making them a must-have for any successful business. The color and design is crucial, as is having the right amount of text on the feather flag. For any organization considering a custom flag, here are four pieces of text to consider before the final design is printed.

Business Name

First things first, the best custom feather flags will promote the name of the intended business. With the business name in a bright and beautiful display, passerby will be more likely to stop and visit. An increase in foot traffic and visitors will benefit the business and hopefully translate into more sales and future success. Just make sure that the business name is in bold, and the custom feather flag will be looking good!


Next up on the list of text to include on a custom flag is a slogan. Every business should have a catchy saying or slogan that customers can easily recognize. Putting this slogan onto the feather flag will help people connect the dots and relate to the business and their products or services they offer. Putting the slogan on the custom flag may be the make it or break it moment that gets people in the door to learn more about the business.

Special Deals

One of the reasons why so many people are drawn to custom feather flags is that they know this signage typically signals deals. Consumers love to save money, and if there’s a big sale going on, they want to know about it. Maybe a business is having grand opening specials, or perhaps there’s some clearance that needs to be sold. Highlighting these special deals on custom feather flags will get people excited about the possibilities.

Contact Info

Last but certainly not least, contact details are another crucial component of the final design for custom feather flags. It’s probably a good idea to include a phone number, so that customers know who to call. The space is there, and it’s important to capitalize on the opportunities afforded to businesses through the smart marketing move of a contemporary custom flag.

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