List of Energetic Strains That Eliminates Your Day-time Lethargy

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List of Energetic Strains That Eliminates Your Day-time Lethargy

Some people struggle with day-time lethargy, which can be because of stress, depression, a genetic disposition, insomnia or some other reason. The realization that specific kinds of cannabis strains can offer a great deal of energy can be a life-changing situation, for the ones crushed with fatigue.

When fatigue is the gravity force then keeping active is a monumental task, but the right kind of strain can offer a motivational boost. Perhaps fatigue is not the core issue and you prefer a good revitalizing strain instead of exercise or a morning coffee cup. To find a suitable uplifting strain will need a little experimentation.

Let’s get to know about energetic strainswhich can be a good place to start with.

Durban Poison

Users say that Durban Poison is like an ‘espresso’ of cannabis even though its name may strike a panic. Its Sativa genetic is stimulating without any trace of stoning or numbing. You feel bright and clear-headed as you wake in the morning.

The bleary fog gets cut out and you feel refreshed and all prepared to handle the day. Take Durban Poison 3 to 4 hours before bedtime because it results in an exclusive cerebral high.


Jillybean spreads the sweet fragrance of sweet wildflowers, oranges, and honeyed mangoes. It is good aromatherapy to fix a day, especially when it is necessary to be productive or social. You get a cool uplifting head buzz and your mind is oozing with newfound inspiration.

The effect doesn’t weigh your body down but leaves you feeling focused, motivated, energetic, and happy.


THC can make people sleepy, paranoid, dizzy, and anxious or dry their eyes and mouth. Fortunately, every energetic strain is not high on THC. Harlequin is high in CBD and offers a weightless sensation without a psychoactive effect.

It is a great option when you need a clear-head to perform a task. It is also a good pain-reliever. Athletics can keep themselves focused through pain, during their strength training sessions


Chocolope is a ferociously cerebral strain, which eases your worries. Its earthy flavor and the energizing effect are similar to coffee. Therefore, it is touted to be an ideal ‘wake & bake’ strain. Its uplifting effects keep you motivated all through the day. The whole day tasks don’t feel like a burden and you can do it with ease.

Ghost Train Haze

As the strain has a high level of THC, you can have a euphoric ride on the Ghost Train. It is suggested for veterans because with this extra potent Sativa, you can anticipate a trippy inspirational buzz. You feel aware of the surroundings as well as focused, chilled, and carefree. You feel ALIVE & PERFECT!


XJ-13 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a strong pungent fruity aroma. It has the potential to encourage you to let the emotional burden and stress go. It lightens your mental weight and leaves you active with fresh energy.

Cannabis Provisions can share more details about the working of energetic strains. There are more strains than the ones mentioned above. It can be added to your wellness regime, so visit their shop in Holyoke and Lee to check on the extensive energetic strain collection they have.

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