How to Crack the UK Driving Theory Test?

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How to Crack the UK Driving Theory Test?

Hey readers! Probably you are here because you are planning to apply for the driver’s licence. You googled the process and discovered about the theory test that you need to clear to obtain the driver’s license. For some of us, it is natural to feel a bit nervous when it comes to attending written tests and for few others that may not be the case.

Either way, outlined in this post are things that you need to know about the theory test for driving by the government of UK. You should also check out the website of Book Theory Test Today. They offer complete support for your theory test from bookings to online training for the test at a normal service charge.

Driving Theory Test FAQs

Who is the authority for this test?

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is a body in the government of UK. They deal with the driver’s education and conduct tests on it. Your licence and your provisional drivers’ licence will be issued by a different government body, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)

Where will the exams be conducted?

It will be conducted in a designated official DVDA Theory Test centre.

How is the theory test conducted?

The theory test will be conducted on a computer. The evaluation consists of two individual tests. They both are to be taken on the same day.

What will be the pattern of the questions?

Out of the two tests, one is a multiple-choice question test. You will have 50 questions and 57 minutes to answer these. The second one is called a Hazard perception test that you should take up after 3 minutes of break.

What is a Hazard Perception Test?

This test is also done on a computer where the applicant gets to view on the screen, a simulated road view. This test is uniquely designed to detect a motorist’s perception to detect a developing situation and the ability to take necessary action. This is a highly important skill in driving and is evaluated in the aspiring drivers.

What is the pre-requirement for taking up the driving theory test?

Anyone who is eligible for applying a driver’s licence in the UK and has obtained a provisional driver’s licence can book for the driving theory test.

What are the passing marks and What if I do not clear the driving theory test?

Out of the 50 questions, you need to get 43 right. You will not be able to obtain your driver’s licence unless and until you clear this theory test on driving. However, you can rebook for the test for which you will have to pay the examination fee again.

What happens if you arrive late for the test?

Every candidate is given fifteen minutes of time before the test begins. As long as candidates arrive within this allocated time, they can take the test. However, beyond this time, the candidates are not allowed to enter the exam room.

Listed above are all the information you need to know regarding the UK driving theory test!

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