Dress Up as Pirate Couples and Be the Show-Stealer of The Day

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Dress Up as Pirate Couples and Be the Show-Stealer of The Day

Ahoy, Matey! Regardless of the occasion you choose to wear Pirate Couples Costumes be it Halloween or costume party, it is going to be fun dressing up as pirates. Apart from the dress, you’ll need to carry yourself well with confidence and act alongside a pirate holding a bottle of grog and wearing tough scowl.

Irrespective of whether you are going for a complete pirate makeover or incorporating few basic pirate accessories to go well with your DIY outfit, this cosplay guide would help you will all the information you need.

Pirate costume:

When Men are planning to wear a plain T-shirt rip it, make it as a V neck, and paint the buttons red. Brown and black are excellent base colors. Add a waistcoat. Oversized and baggy shirts are ideal. Choose a shirt a couple of sizes larger than what you regularly wear. Wear loose black pants and layer your shirt with a navy or black vest.

Women have more options. You can wear a bodice, chemise and two skirts. The skirt worn on top is tied up so that the bottom skirt is visible. Some wear two tattered skirts while some wear one tattered skirt over another long underskirt. Stay away from straight skirts as they will break the look.

If you glance through pirate couples costumes online, you’ll notice it has a badass look. Avoid primary colors and choose burgundies, deep blues, hunter greens, golden yellows or off-white. You have to achieve rugged look.


  • Boots (Men): Pair your outfit with a pair of slip-on large boots. Find one with a large buckle rather than laces.
  • Boots (Women): Wear black boots with high heels and pointed toes. Just like for men, if the boots come with buckles, it will give a more authentic look.
  • Pirate Eye-patch: Eye-patch is an essential accessory of men pirates. Some wear it to conceal their eye wounded in battles. Eye-patches are mostly worn so that their eyes get accustomed to fighting in the dark.
  • Sword: Your costume appears all the more realistic when you hold a plastic sword. Get a lightweight one with round handle since it is easy to handle.
  • Gun: You can hold a replica pistol if you want to ditch that sword or you can carry both.
  • Belt (Men): Opt for a black or brown leather belt with big buckles. The belt can be used to hold your replica pistols.
  • Pirates spend a large part of the day in ship decks and being exposed to Caribbean sun. Let your make-up give you a sun-kissed effect. Spray a bronzer or dab in foundation which is few shades lighter than which you normally use. A pirate’s hair is long, wavy and appear a bit dry due to constant exposure to sun. Use a sea-salt spray on your hair or wear a long wig.

Smokey eyes would complete the look regardless of the gender. Add a thick layer of eyeliner. You will get a lot of attention if you dress more elaborately taking into account every little detail.

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