Choose the Perfect Boat Storage Company for Your Needs by Considering These Factors

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Choose the Perfect Boat Storage Company for Your Needs by Considering These Factors

Owning a boat is a huge deal. Regardless of your boat’s size you’ll need a storage facility to have it safely tucked in. Smaller boats can be accommodated in one’s garage but large vessels need ample space. It is important to start looking for storage facilities as soon as you have purchased a boat.

You’ll be able to use your boat often if it is easier to take it out from the storage facility.  Nautical Ventures offers secure boat storage in Dania Beach with convenient access. You can choose between indoor and outdoor storage facilities according to your needs. Contact them for more information.

Choosing a storage facility:

Boat size: There is an extensive range of storage units and not all units can handle all boat sizes. Double-check if the storage facility has the capacity to accommodate your boat. Parking spaces vary depending upon the facility and it is recommended to make sure your boat fits the space allotted.

  • Small boats: They include kayaks, motorized dinghies and canoes which are less than twenty foot long. If you’ll probably be using it often, you can store in your own shed by hanging it upside down. If it is not possible to store it at your place and you won’t be using it frequently, consider choosing a secure indoor facility with good climate control.
  • Mid-size boats: They are about 30 feet long. With regular use, many owners would want to have the vessel parked in water rather than having it indoors. If you prefer to keep your boat away from water, there are services which rent a trailer when you can place your boat.
  • Large boats: Traditional outdoor storage is the popular method of storage for yachts. One main reason for it is its size and the other being affordability. Storage it in an outdoor facility especially during winters is the least expensive option

Payment policy: There are many storage facilities with strict payment policies. Some would require making a huge sum as down payment while some charge penalty for late payment. Go through their payment policy before choosing the storage facility.

Cost: The price for storage facilities may vary significantly depending upon the individual features. Many storage facilities are independently owned and the business owner decides the pricing. Look around, go through the different options available and compare prices. Choose one which offers services for maximum value for money.

Look out for any promotions. Some storage facilities offer deals to gain more customers. You can save more when you go by deals.

Security: One important aspect is the security of your prized possession. Secure storage facilities are equipped with surveillance equipment, limited access, special security locks, security fending and security guards.

Insurance: It is mandatory to choose an insured service provider. That way your vessel is protected. In case of any mishap you can save yourself from emotional and financial distress.

Choosing a storage facility for your boat comes down to convenience too. You don’t want to spend hours driving up to the place. Analyze carefully and choose well.

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