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SCIENCE New study shows musicians have a remarkable behavioral advantage when it comes to learning

Posted by Daniel Lindquist

SOCIETY UK Public Director of Health says ‘Going cold turkey’ is not recommended as it’s the least successful way to quit smoking

Posted by Nastasha Romanenko

SPACE NASA confirm Kepler is finally but sadly nearing its end

Posted by AC Speed

SCIENCE More than 500 genes linked to intelligence have been identified in the largest study of its kind

Posted by Huey Emmerich

FUTURE MIT launches multimillion dollar project to develop Fusion Energy a limitless source of pollution free energy

Posted by Naomi Hunter

SCIENCE New drug transforms Aggressive Breast Cancer (basal breast cancers) into a hormonal treatable form

Posted by Daniel Lindquist

SPACE Is Elon Musk Making space cool again?

Posted by Ross W. Marriott

SOCIETY Who wants to live forever?

Posted by Martha Glaister

MARS European Space Agency's ExoMars Orbiter is about to start sniffing the Red Planet for signs of life

Posted by Mei Ling

HEALTH New research suggests ditching meat and high fat dairy could reduce risk of stroke and depression

Posted by Tim Andersson

SCIENCE First extensive European find of ancient ‘Hand-Axes’ supports theory of multiple Human species coexisting

Posted by AC Speed

SPACE New data suggests a rocky exoplanet orbiting TRAPPIST-1 could hold 250 times more water than Earth

Posted by AC Speed

SCIENCE Scientists have identified 15 new genes that control the shape of our face

Posted by Johan Jacobsen